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A New Year’s business challenge

Get to know yourself better

By Mary Kaiser

In addition to running my own business, and being a mom, wife and daughter, I am also an avid tennis player. Tennis has become a great analogy for the work I do with companies and the opportunity I have to help business owners, executives and teams grow.

When I first started playing tennis regularly, I was asked to partner with a woman to form a doubles team. At that time, I didn’t consider how well we’d play together as a team, but rather accepted the invitation on a whim. Looking back over 10 years of playing the sport, I lucked out. I have a partner that compliments my playing style and brings out the best in me. And, I’ve gotten to know myself more — the parts of the game where I excel — and the areas in which my partner shines. We work well together and come at the mental game of tennis from the same perspective.

Now on the tennis court, I’m often amazed at how many people play together and don’t really have a sense of their strengths or their mental game and what they need from a partner. And, as I work inside businesses, I’m surprised at how often people are unaware of their strengths and how their energy may or may not be a fit with those they work with. I watch companies hire people for their resumes and then fire them because they didn’t fit the culture. Read more.