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Start with Strengths will be adding two new service offerings this fall in 1:1 and in group/workshop settings.

Students/Young Professionals

If you have a student or someone new to the workforce, we will be offering our proprietary strengths assessment and coaching services to help young professionals identify the right career path. Our strengths assessments will identify business strengths, beyond academics, to help the student or young professional pursue career choices that best suit their strengths, passions and intellectual abilities.

Women Returning to the Workplace

We are offering a variety of services to assist women who are looking to return to the workplace. Our goal is to help identify opportunities for business success and personal satisfaction. Starting with our strengths assessment, we will evaluate their skills and help develop a personal brand to re-enter the workplace with confidence and purpose. Our coaching services also entail resume building, networking recommendations, interview skills and more.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.