Start with Strengths is an independent consulting group focused on growing individual strengths to create highly productive teams and vibrant corporate cultures. Our work identifies the natural talents of individuals and teams and then helps organizations make the best use of those strengths for the sake of achieving the mission, enhancing corporate culture and reaching growth and/or profitability objectives.

Start with Strengths provides an array of services for individuals and teams for both personal and professional purposes. At the core of all of our services is our commitment to identifying, developing and optimizing strengths.



We help individuals focus their efforts toward areas that bring the most business success and personal satisfaction. First, we identify business goals and assess strengths and areas for improvement. Then, we build a development plan and work with the individual on an ongoing basis to ensure implementation.

Team Development & Optimization
We conduct strengths assessments for all team members and work with leadership to identify how to structure team processes so the leader can best leverage each individual’s talents. The focus is on creating a new teamwork structure that optimizes individual talent, creates efficiencies and increases accountability.

Talent Selection & Onboarding
Utilizing our strengths assessment tool, we help organizations identify and select the best talent for a job. We review resumes and job descriptions, conduct candidate interviews, and accelerate the onboarding process to help new team members navigate the system effectively and make contributions faster. Our involvement in the talent selection and onboarding process allows executives or leaders to focus on the key aspects of their business.

Business Alignment Assessments
For those acquiring a new organization or helping to determine the possibilities of success for a team, our assessment services help identify unique leadership strengths that are difficult to determine in standard interviews. We provide a team talent review that assesses strengths of the leadership team and can help identify opportunities and obstacles to future success.

Workshops & Events
We offer workshops and events throughout the year to bring the strengths work to individuals who are in transition or building a business.  These events provide inspirational speakers as well as coaching service to deliver concrete action steps and ongoing accountability to individuals or business executives and teams.