beboulderphotography_marykaiser-30-zf-5193-12087-1-001Mary Kaiser has over 30 years of consulting and coaching expertise developing leaders, teams and organizations. Her passion is helping people understand their strengths and inner mindsets to overcome obstacles and achieve positive outcomes in both their personal and professional lives.

Mary’s experience includes over 10 years of consulting work with Accenture and 20+ years of professional consulting and executive coaching with small, mid-sized and large organizations nationally and globally. Her clients include start-ups as well as large organizations such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, Accenture and Allstate.

She enjoys serving as a coach, advisor and sounding board for clients. Mary’s areas of specialization include: leadership and organizational development, executive coaching, immunity to change/adult development, strengths assessments; talent selection and onboarding; team building; transitional coaching; group coaching; cultural and business assessments and personal branding.

Mary has a master’s degree in Organizational Development from Loyola University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Colorado Boulder. She has studied the Adult Development Models and Immunity to Change and has certifications from Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Strozzi Institute and Neuroscience Leadership Group. Mary has been a contributor to ColoradoBiz Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.