Based on over 20 years of experience, Randy Roach has developed a deep expertise and demonstrated impact as a successful organization and leadership development coach and change management practitioner.  Her successful approach is grounded on the understanding the if you “start with strengths” , the full skills and resources of both the individual and the team can be fully maximized to support  positive personal and business outcomes.

Randy has been employed by two of the leading global organization development consulting firms, and over the past 8 years she has focused her practice on doing professional consulting and coaching.  She has worked broadly across both the public and private sector, in a diverse set of industries. Representative clients include Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, Motorola, the County of San Diego, Abbott Labs, Stanford University Medical Center, the Xerox Corporation, Allstate Insurance, and the US Department of Defense.

Randy has worked across all levels of the organization, and her areas of specialization include team building and creating high performance teams, business transformation and support of large scale change,  performance management and competency modeling, and executive and leadership development.

Randy’s special skill lies in her ability to help clients identify what they want to achieve, and then work with them to assess what they need to put in place to ensure they achieve positive outcomes   She has a special ability to help clients get in touch with what they are passionate about accomplishing, and then helping them identify and tap into their energy and resources.