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Thanks to Rebekah Epstein for featuring me on her blog — Neon Notebook. The piece imparts a bit of business and life advice.  Here are 3 Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s:

Do what you enjoy.
Like most people in my 20s, I was busy trying to do what I was supposed to do.  According to who?  This notion was mostly based on what I thought were the “cool careers”.  They sounded good and were “prestigious”.  But, after years of trying my hand at different things, I learned a big lesson about which careers I was and wasn’t suited for. Today, I have the pleasure of helping others discover what careers they are uniquely suited for.  One of the most meaningful pieces of professional feedback I have received was from a young woman who I worked with and shared advice on career choices based on strengths and passion.  She sent me a note letting me know that I had influenced her to choose a career path based on something she wanted to do, while her classmates chose what they thought they should do.  Understanding her strengths and passions provided her with the confidence she needed to pursue her career choice and direction.

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